Where is Winfield Scott when you need him?

In 1860, prior to the senate’s counting of the electoral votes that would confirm Abraham Lincoln’s election, it was learned that there was a conspiracy of individuals who planned to show up in Washington D.C. and disrupt and potentially prevent the process, making it impossible for Lincoln to take office. General Scott said, “I supposed I had suppressed that infamy. Has it been resuscitated? I have said that any man who attempted by force or unparliamentary disorder to obstruct or interfere with the lawful count of the electoral vote for President and Vice-President of the United States should be lashed to the muzzle of a twelve-pounder and fired out a window of the Capitol. I would manure the hills of Arlington with the fragments of his body, were he a Senator or chief magistrate of my native state! While I command the army there will be no revolution in the city of Washington!”

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