When I quit my job as a defense attorney in order to become a Historical Expeditionary, I received an unexpected but pleasant benefit. Like many people, I spend my days surrounded by miserable complainers. Nobody seems to be happy about being in the world of criminal justice. When I say nobody, I mean nobody – not the clients, certainly, but also not the witnesses, the cops, the clerks, or the judges. Everybody seemed miserable, going through life as if being dragged through a country they had interest or choice about visiting.

When I started my historical walking tour company, Bow Tie Tours, I spent every moment that I was not giving a tour studying the Founders in order to improve those tours. I discovered that my act of absenting myself from complainers and emotional vampires and by spending my time, instead, with positive leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison, I had inadvertently changed my inner-world. I had nobody around to give me much advice about the new business I had entered, so I sought my advice from the Founders who I was spending so much time with. I was astonished on a daily basis by their intelligence, tenacity, and guts. It occurred to me if they could start a new country against such seemingly insurmountable odds, I surely should be able to start a business.

Eventually my company grew successful, and this year it received the Travel and Hospitality Award for Best Tour Company in Pennsylvania.

Now I use this experience to coach all kinds of people, from leaders in the corporate world to students trying to get that edge for a future life of success. Within the next couple weeks my book, “Indispensable: Learning How to Lead and Succeed from George Washington” will be published, and my website Indispensabvleleadership.org will be launched. In the meantime, I will use this blog to discuss the process.

Thanks for checking in. I will keep you posted!

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