David Cross and members of the Indispensable Faculty would love to come to your business, school, or club and offer our full-day program on success and leadership that will drastically transform the lives of attendees by demonstrating in a hands-on and entertaining manner just how you can use the lessons of George Washington (and others) to drastically improve your personal and business lives today. We will address:

- Finding Your Calling
- Learning From Your Mistakes
- Allocating Your Time
- Determining When And How To Take Risks
- Creating A Personal Mission Statement For Yourself, Your Household, Or Your Business
- Enhancing Intimate Relationships
- Physical Fitness
- Planning And Preparing For Your Future (Valley Forge)
- Turning Things Around! (Crossing the Delaware)

Success leaves clues. George Washington left a road map. Don’t miss this opportunity to drastically improve the lives of your employees, students, or club members.


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David Cross

David Cross is a historical expeditionary, speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He received his BA at Virginia Commonwealth University and his J.D. at Washington & Lee University. He worked as a public defender at the Defender’s Association of Philadelphia for ten years before going into private practice. He served as an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University. His writings have appeared in a variety of publications, including The Washington Post, The Boston Phoenix, and The Chestnut Hill Weekly. His trial practice book, How Not to Think Like a Lawyer was a best-seller on Kindle, and he can be seen on C-Span discussing his second book, “Chasing History: One Man’s Roadtrip Through the Presidential Libraries.” His new book, Indispensable: Learning How to Succeed and Lead from George Washington, has been nominated for the national “Non- Fiction Book Award” from the Nonfiction Authors Association. He won the coveted National Association for Continuing Legal Education Award for “Outstanding Program.” Check out his podcasts on Indispensable Leadership and on Chasing American History.

Mitchell Kramer

Mitchell Kramer’s talents as an actor and a scholar have given him the well-deserved reputation as the premier Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. As Franklin, he has spoken to dignitaries, sports figures, historians and, of course, wide-eyed children. Beyond his work for his own tour company, Mitchell Kramer Tours, he has worked with Christ Church, the National Museum of American Jewish History, Historic Philadelphia, Inc, and the Library Company founded by Benjamin Franklin. He lectures on a variety of subjects for Road Scholar and other companies. At our seminars he discusses Franklin’s great strengths as a businessman, entrepreneur, and leader, offering concrete examples that are amazingly relevant to the modern world.

Tania Spensierato

Tania Spensierato is an entrepreneur, relationship coach and the author of two contemporary romance novels. She achieved her BA in Philadelphia University in Fashion merchandising. She lived in Italy for ten years where she taught ESL and translated documents for various businesses. She currently has over fifteen years in sales, both retail and corporate, where she traveled to manage teams throughout the United States. She is currently an Associate Regional Director for RealReal.

Wilson Dorward

Wilson Dorward served as Captain for the United States Air Force and was staff judge advocate with legal oversight responsibility for Air Force defense contracts with the largest US defense contractors. He received his BS from Lehigh University, his JD from Dickinson School of Law, and his MBA from Wharton. After his time in the Air Force, he spent over thirty years as CFO and in-house counsel for a variety of public, privately held and private equity sponsored companies owning TV, radio, cable TV, outdoor advertising and print media assets. He is an expert on military history of both the American Revolution and the Civil War. He currently offers battlefield tours that are as gripping as they are thorough, and he is uniquely capable of providing real-life lessons from his research that you will find applicable to the business world.

Michael W. Rhode

Michael Rhode served in the U.S. Navy as Hull Maintenance Technician. After his Honorable Discharge he taught school for the Fleetwood, PA School District, where he also coached the wrestling team. Michael gives tours of Valley Forge and the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia on behalf of both the National Park Service and Bow Tie Tours.

Neil Ronk

As the Primary Historian at Christ Church in Philadelphia, Neil Ronk has spent the last twenty years or so discussing early American History with groups, organizations, and just plain people from every part of the world. He has an astonishing ability to make history come alive to all ages and nationalities and is currently using those skills on behalf of the award-winning Philadelphia walking and driving tour company, Bow Tie Tours. He studied history at Wesleyan University for college and Ohio State for graduate school. He continues to use his tremendous abilities at our seminars to make history come to life in a way that provides practical application.

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What George Washington wanted as a young man is the same thing that you want. He wanted to be a leader who lived life on his own terms and in his own way. He made a studied effort to achieve those ends and he achieved them spectacularly. After all, he was unanimously elected by the 2nd Continental Congress as Commanding General; then he was unanimously elected by the Constitutional Convention of 1787 to preside over the making of the Constitution of the United States; finally, he was unanimously elected President of the United States by the people, not once, but twice.

How he did all of that and how you can follow the rules he left behind to succeed and lead is the focus of this book. Success leaves clues. George Washington left a roadmap.

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"Reading this book made me immediately realize how little I actually knew about George Washington - but what really surprised me was how much there is to learn from HOW he became the leader we all know..."



Chasing History: One Man's Roadtrip Through the Presidential Libraries

Caught up in the drudgery of his day-to-day existence as a criminal trial attorney, David Cross decides to take a roadtrip across the country to spend time with a higher class of people – the presidents of the United States. During this trip he visits each of the official thirteen Presidential Libraries, meeting docents, writers, archivists, and just plain folks who, like he, want to get to know the presidents better. Travel across the country with David as he ponders the origins and the roles of the Presidential Libraries, as well as the nature in which our presidential history is created. This book is a must or anybody who loves American History but also wants to look behind the curtain to see how it is made.


How Not to Think Like a Lawyer

David Cross has tried hundreds of cases and teaches trial practice. This book, written in a witty and engaging style, tells you in specific detail what you need to do in order to become successful in court. David will discuss the specifics of Voir Dire; Opening Statement; Cross Examination; Evidence; Closing Argument; and numerous other specific aspects of trial practice. He will also tell you why you should forget everything you learned in law school, and ignore 90% of the advice you receive. Thousands of people have purchased this book as a part of Mr. Cross' successful course. Now, for the first time, it is offered to the general public.



Join author and speaker David Cross' blog to explore gaining traction in your life from history, novels, current events, or anything else that works.

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Join David for his insights into the success and leadership principles he garners from history. These podcasts often include interviews with some of our greatest historical and self-development experts.

A Conversation with Ty Seidule

David Cross talks to Ty Seidule who is not only a professor emeritus of history at West Point, where he taught for two decades, but a retired Brigadier General. His book is a gripping memoir about his own reckoning with his own past and the past of his region.

General Seidule takes dead aim at both "the lost cause" that was peddled to him and that continues to be peddled, and his own hero, Robert E. Lee, who the author finds guilty of treason.



Are you, or is your business, stuck?

David knows how that feels, and he spends his time helping people and businesses get out of that state with specific exercises and strategies that have worked for many, including himself. Using a combination of history and cutting-edge science, David can get you or your business moving again.

Contact us to discuss which of the many ways we have to help will work best for you.